The Studio Visit series (on-going) is a personal project of mine that aims to dive into the work of artists around me that I know and respect. This series was, in part, driven by curiosity, and in part born out of the desire for a fresh challenge. The raw feel, accentuated by the lack of music, is a nod to stripped-down, gimmick-free filmmaking. I wanted to get to the root of my craft, and focus on the foundations of creating a piece: technically-sound images, compelling compositions, and thought-provoking storytelling. Without the use of crutches we as filmmakers get comfortable leaning on: transitions, music, and fancy gimbals and toys. Each piece is shot handheld, uses only in-camera audio, and the narrative is driven only by the subjects spoken words.

Patrick Shields is a San Diego-based sculpture artist and professor of architecture. I visited his Barrio Logan studio and spoke with him about his work, the arts in general, and how we interact with it when it's finished.

For Episode 2 of this scrappy new passion project I visit my good friend and artist, Andrew Alcasid, at his Bankers Hill residency, Helmuth Projects. We talk about his influences and what draws him to do the type of work he does. He's there showing his site specific work through April, 2019, after which the entire block will be demolished.

Chloe is a good friend and neighbor of mine, and her work has a very dark but whimsical feel. This is especially true of the marionette-like dolls she fastens from armature wire and other materials.

In this studio visit I spend some time with Spenser Little at his Little Italy workshop to talk about what gives art value, and using free drugs to chase the crafts dragon.

Spent some time with the "Barrio Monstro" himself this summer for number five in the series. His work is bold, brutal, and unapologetic, a lot like his personality. This dude is a wealth of art knowledge and I wish I could have crammed it all into 60 seconds.