A mini doc on the story of Mohamed Bzeek, the only foster parent in LA County to foster terminally ill children.

Directed by Sammy Deguido



Studio Visit

“Studio Visit” is an on-going personal project of mine that aims to dive into the work of artists that I know and respect. This series was, in part, driven by curiosity, and in part born out of the desire for a fresh challenge. The raw feel, accentuated by the lack of music, is a nod to stripped-down, gimmick-free filmmaking. I wanted to get to the root of my craft, and focus on the foundations of creating a piece: technically-sound images, compelling compositions, and thought-provoking storytelling. Without the use of the crutches we as filmmakers get comfortable leaning on: transitions, music, and fancy gimbals and toys. Each piece is shot handheld and uses in-camera audio, while the narrative is being driven only by the subjects spoken words.

Directed by Sean Horton


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Green Flash Brewing Company

Green Flash’s “Behind the Craft” is a 6 part video series (in production) that celebrates the local craftsmen and women in our community and aims to capture a glimpse into what makes San Diego such a special place to live and work.

Directed by Sean Horton



Cow by Bear

Cow by Bear is a bizarre and fantastical middle finger to the face of high end, pretentious restaurants. This “speak-easy” fine-dining experience offers a unique opportunity for an exclusive dinner with 12 strangers, 5 courses, just 3 nights a week.

Directed by Sean Horton


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Two weeks of pre-production, one shoot day, two locations, one week of post-production and three deliverables. This one was nuts to pull off! Audacity came in with some killer creative for this client, and we pulled it off with the help of Briefcase Studios pulling some nasty pre-production hours.

Directed by Shane Aguon, Briefcase Studios



Black Clover

Black Clover’s 2020 lookbook shot at the Santa Monica Pier.

Directed by Sean Horton




Ready desk is one of the most versatile, easy to set up, and cost effective stand up desks on the market.

Directed by Sean Horton



Cuatro Cuatros

We spent a weekend in Baja shooting around Ensenada to create this rad, mini travel/architectural film for Cuatro Cuatros.

Music by Nicola Cruz, "Cumbia del Olvido", remixed by Sunset Grooves.

Directed by Matt Helbig, Fifty Square Feet Productions