[TUTORIAL] Start to Finish: Editing a Full Body Portrait

In my latest tutorial I show you my process for editing a full body portrait from start to finish.

I use Lightroom to get my photo to a “baseline” before taking it into photoshop for the more stylistic side of editing. While heavy retouching wont be covered in this tutorial, we'll discuss things like dealing with chromatic aberration, and using gradients and blend modes for more lively portraits.

If you’d like to follow along yourself, you can download the sample image HERE.

Faster Editing In Premier and FCP

Confession: I hate editing. I would much rather be out shooting the things I want to shoot than stuck in the editing room on what seem to be never-ending client projects. I’m sure a lot of you out there can relate to that as well.

One of the earliest skills/tips I learned in my professional career had to do with staying organized. At first, spending 5-10 minutes setting up your project might seem like a waste of time, but once you get into the meat of your project you’ll realize that being organized is going to help you fly through an edit.

The following tutorial covers my system for file structuring within your hard drives as well as inside your Premier project. This will keep you from floundering around your hard drives looking for your assets when you’re face deep in an edit.

Also covered are a few of my most used tools and where I’ve programmed their respective hot keys. In short: I’ve places all of my most used tool’s custom keystrokes to be underneath my left hard. Tools like “Move”, “Blade”, “Delete, and the “Apply Default Transition” functions have all be placed under my left hard, so I don’t need to look down at my keyboard when assembling an edit.

I hope you’ll find this useful, and that it will ultimately speed you up and make your editing experience more enjoyable.