Green Flash’s “Behind the Craft” is a 6 part video series that celebrates the local craftspeople in our community,

and aims to capture a glimpse into what makes San Diego such a special place to live and work.

Episode One

In the first episode of Green Flash's "Behind the Craft" series, Chef Mike Reidy talks about what inspires him as a chef, some of his favorite places for food and drinks in San Diego, and we meet a couple salty guests along the way.

Episode Two

In this episode, commercial director and photographer Embry Rucker tells us what he loves about coming home to San Diego, mountain biking, and his early days as the Editor at TransWorld Snowboarding.

Episode Three

In episode three Rob Benavides talks to us about his start in tattooing during his time in Chicago, takes us on a visit to his favorite pizza joint, and has us over to the shop for a Dia de los Muertos themed art show.